art et amor

I did not have any formal training nor attended art school but I know, I have always loved drawing or generally speaking, the arts. Art takes on a lot of forms and types but my interest are more into people. Drawing people.

My love for the arts took a temporary hold because of school and the realities of adulthood. It was only in October 2015 that I decided to rekindle my long-buried interest. It was a struggle at first since it was like starting from the beginning but while in the course of starting over, I realized that it was just like trying to ride the bike again. One might forget the skills, but it doesn’t mean it is completely gone.

This site was created for posterity and to check my progress.

Now in my mid-30s and judging my own works, I’ll probably never reach the stature of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Fernando Amorsolo or Juan Luna in a few years time or ever. For now, I am quite happy knowing my progress.

But the stars might do me a favor. We can never really tell unless something is done.